What do a Chanel bag and a content strategy have in common?

What do a Chanel bag and a content strategy have in common?

They’re both a great long term investment! 

The value of a Chanel Classic Flapbag has increased by 70% over the past 10 years. 70% in 10 years! You think a content strategy can’t make those numbers? My content strategy resulted in a follower-increase of 300% in 1 year; from 50K to 200K.

Quick fix?

For some of us it seems a lot more logical to set money aside for our dream bag (or if you're not a fashion-lover, your dream car perhaps) than to set money aside for a content strategy. Cause when it comes to content, social media and basically everything online, we want quick fixes.

If we don’t see our engagement-rate go up after 3 strategic posts, we try something else. A different strategy, spending money on advertising, copying viral Reels and TikToks even when it doesn’t match our brand personality at all.. 

Invest in what works for you

Invest in something that really works for you and that brings you satisfaction. Whether that’s walking around with your dream bag or enjoying the process of creating content that really fits your brand. Do it and stick to it. Don’t change your strategy after 6 months, just like you wouldn’t sell your Chanel bag after 6 months. A great ROI can only be achieved over time. Let’s make it work for you! 

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