Why is a (social media) strategy so important?

Why is a (social media) strategy so important?

You won’t see much results from sporadically posting without a plan. You’ll need to consistently post content that will make your audience engage - it’s the only way to make yourself visible online and to beat the social media algorithm.

Once you work with a clear content strategy, you’ll know exactly what, when and how to post, and you’ll actually see results for your efforts, instead of posting random content and hoping for the best. And not only are the results great, but knowing what to post makes the process much more enjoyable. Cause let’s be honest, we’ve all experienced that stressful feeling of not knowing what to post, right?! Let a content strategy help you gain succes and put you at ease.


When I created an Instagram account back in 2014 as a fashion blogger, I only did so because other bloggers did. A reason for many people to start their social media accounts; because everyone’s doing it. I had no plan and posted anything that might be of interest to others. Not just outfit photos, I posted food photos, product flatlays, travel photos, Pinterest quotes… My feed soon became a mismatch of different types of content, covered in different types of filters. No niche, no consistency, just noise. 


It wasn’t clear what Lian Galliard was about, so why follow her? At one point my following stopped growing full-stop. Back then I didn’t understand why I didn’t gain any results out of my efforts and I got frustrated. Very frustrated! I posted frequently, my photos looked good… What was going on?! At one point, social media only felt like a burden and I was seriously considering quitting. Sounds familiar? Yet I decided to give it one last chance and really go for it. 


For the first time in my online career, I approached social media as a real business: How can I create a brand around myself? What do I want to radiate as a brand to attract the right audience and the right clients? I made a plan and adjusted my brand direction and my content, and started posting consistently within this style. Without realising it, I had just created my first Brand & Content Strategy. A successful one; my profile grew with 150,000 followers within a year. 


Apparently I was so visible online, that brands started requesting to work me. I didn’t need to do sales or acquisition, but brands - great brands - like Levi’s, H&M and Cotton On asked for me. What?!? That same year I quit my job and became a full-time influencer.

If that doesn’t show the importance of a content strategy, I don’t know what will! It’s a success story I’m still very proud of and that I love re-experiencing with other brands today by creating content strategies for them.

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